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Rinseless Wash

  • 1499

Atomic Rinseless Wash combines multiple products into 1 concentrated formula. It provides a high protective layer of lubrication to prevent swirls, scratches and marring caused by dirt, grit and the claying process. This rinseless wash will NOT alter the gloss, feel or performance of your coating, sealant or wax. It is body shop safe, contains NO protective polymers or glossing agents, and leaves behind no residue. It’s a straight cleaner with no BS and can be used on interior surfaces as well. Not many rinseless washes can say that!

Mixing Ratios: (Water:Concentrate)

Rinseless: 256:1 or 128:1 (depending on cleaning power)

Waterless: 64:1

Clay Lubricant; 64:1

Paint Prep: 32:1

Interior & Glass: 64:1 or 32:1

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