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Speed Seal

Speed Seal

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Speed Seal is an easy to use and long lasting polymer sealant that lasts for months and can be used on your vehicle's paint, glass, plastic, wheels and chrome. It protects your vehicle from UV radiation, detergents, road grime, road salt, insects and more! Speed Seal provides a slick and glossy shine to your paint and can be layered for more gloss and durability. One 8oz bottle will seal up to 30 cars! 


Wash, clay and prep exterior surfaces to be sealed with Speed Seal. Spray 1-2 sprays to a microfiber applicator for every 3-4 square feet. Apply using a circular motion, then finish by wiping in a straight line to ensure a full and even coverage. Do not buff dry! Allow product to fully cure for 12 hours. You may layer Speed Seal 1-2 hours between coats for more gloss, slickness and durability! Can be used as a drying aid for maintenance details.

NOTE: Use sparingly! Only 1/4 oz needed for most mid size vehicles.

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