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2 Year Bombshell Coating

2 Year Bombshell Coating

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Product Overview

Bombshell Coatings 2 Year ceramic coating is a durable and high gloss multi year coating for your vehicles painted surfaces. When properly installed and maintained, it will provide 2+ years of extreme protection. Bombshell 2 Year ceramic forms a semi-permanent bond to paint and/or gel coat and is chemical and UV resistant with extreme durability and hydrophobic self cleaning properties to keep your vehicle looking great and low maintenance for years to come!


High Gloss & Depth

Chemical & UV Resistant

Minimizes Fine Scratches

Self Cleaning Properties



  1. Thoroughly wash vehicle of surface contaminants (dust, dirt and grime)
  2. Clay bar & decontaminate paint and glass.
  3. Fully polish painted surfaces to remove imperfections and deep clean paint.
  4. Remove all polishing oils by using “Paint Prep” then inspect surfaces for any residue or imperfections.

Application:  (DO NOT use in direct sunlight)

3.) Prime applicator by applying 7-10 drops of ceramic coating.

4.) Apply evenly onto 1 panel at a time using light pressure in a front to back, then top to bottom cross motion. 

5.) Wait 1-5 minutes (depending on temp) before leveling with a clean/dry microfiber towel followed by a second towel to buff to a high gloss.

6.) Apply 5 to 7 more drops to the applicator and repeat steps 4 and 5 until the entire vehicle is coated. If preferred, a second layer can be applied once the first layer has cured for a min of 4 hours. 

7.)  After the last layer has cured for a minimum of 8 hours, apply “Speed Seal” to protect the coating while it fully cures for the next 7 days. 

Note: DO NOT use in direct sunlight! 

Use gloves and respirator when installing.

Caution: May cause eye irritation. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children. 


Once the coating has been applied, do not expose the vehicle to the elements for at LEAST 14 hours. To allow for proper full curing, do not wash or use any chemicals on the vehicle for a min of 7 days. Our resins and solvents are high quality and slow curing which makes this coating VERY easy to apply and allows for more build up of product, therefore, it takes longer to cure than most coatings on the market. The coating will feel tacky for the first 2 days and then become slick over the course of the 7 day curing period. 


*Change to a new microfiber towel and applicator after every 3 to 4 panels as the coating transferred to them will begin to cure and make leveling difficult.

* If any high spots have cured before leveling, the panel must be polished to remove the coating and reapplied. 

* Use plenty of light when applying to inspect for high spots or streaks.

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